Power Washing

Power washing is easy. However, washing safely, quickly, correctly, and with a great finished product is not! At JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC we have the equipment and training to significantly improve the image of your driveways, patios, walkways, and just about every exterior surface around your home while freeing you up to do the more essential things in life.

 Our process has proved to be effective in delivering outstanding results by using hot water to remove hard stains. High-pressure washing can cause damage to specific surfaces around your home. That’s why we also provide our exceptional soft wash in-depth cleaning process. Soft washing utilizes low pressure along with a unique cleaning formula that deep cleans your most stubborn stains safely and effectively. Our Soft Wash technique also prevents water from being forced behind your siding, which can cause massive problems for you down the road.

We make the old look new! We understand the effects of the products we use; they are carefully selected and properly applied to ensure they’ll never deteriorate your roof, gutters, or fixings attached to the home. Our Environmentally friendly approach will also safeguard your surrounding plants and animals from harm due to chemicals. 

Let JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC help you retain the great looking of your beloved home!