Hard Wood Flooring

JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC completes a series of actions that are proven to deliver excellent results. To restore wood flooring, we leave no stone unturned. Before a new finish is applied, we remove the old stain, complete with blemishes like scratches, dents, and pet marks. We deliver solid hardwood flooring of the highest quality to the entire world and provide unlimited design options to a room and create elegant harmony, stylish and distinctive at the same time.

All our wooden floors are supplied prefinished from the factory with either urethane or oil. The wood floors are a guarantee for use with underfloor heating, are easy to maintain; the extensive range ensures that you always find something to suit your taste and are created for generations of use.  JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC specializes in hardwood flooring installation and restoration for the customers. Our flooring technologies use several grit sizes that are attached to the sanding equipment to achieve a smooth and level base before moving on to the next step. A heavy-duty buffing machine is moreover utilized to provide professional-grade results.

We bring out the beauty of dated hardwood floors and seek ways to improve our service to our customers. JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC, we’ll strive to supply the best option available for you and is always here: ready to serve you!