Handyman Work

When there is an area of our expertise that encompasses any small job around your home that you would like to have completed, it could be repair, maintenance work, or installation work. Our goal is to take your to-do list and make it disappear. 

JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC performs a range of maintenance duties for homeowners and businesses, either as a contract worker or a maintenance department member. Our Handyman staff completes all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner, making your “To, Do” list manageable, allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most. JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC offers professional services with a rich set of skills and experience that can take care of a variety of jobs at the time that’s best for you!

Our knowledgeable Handyman combines the best in training, technology, and capable enough to deal with the job at hand and covers many potential tasks we can perform. For your peace of mind as a homeowner, JAMBO RESTORATIONS INC is fully licensed and insured. Our proficiency in doing jobs such as extensive renovations, demolition work, or potentially dangerous jobs are inclined with our expertise.

 Professional, safe, reliable handyman services on-time, every time, that’s our guarantee.